Monday, October 22, 2007

rockin' out

so i'm kicking myself for not taking a picture last night of this milestone event in rhys's short life thus it's not rolling over, or starting to eat solid's his first concert ever!

our friends warren and angie had tickets to see maroon 5 and **more importantly** the hives last night. we probably wouldn't have been that excited to go since we were just getting back from vacation last night and were exhausted (how does that happen? i thought vacation was supposed to be rejuvenating?!). but angie had gotten special VIP tickets and so we had our very own suite, equipped with fridge, leather seats, and the whole 9 yards.

so the big kids stayed at home with a sitter, and we took rhys in the sling. it was completey ridiculous how many people stopped me to fawn over him. i think it was more the sling than him (even though he IS cute!). i just got a new sling that's black and white and very striking, so at first people noticed it and then would inevitably exclaim, "Oh! There's a BABY in there!" my friend angie and i joked, "No, I just like to wear extra clothing that serves no purpose especially when it's 100 degrees outside." but i refrained from sarcasm. :)

and our little bean slept through the entire concert. he didn't miss much with maroon 5, but he missed a great show with the hives! wow, they are amazing.

when i get my act together i'll post some photos of our vacation to anna maria island next.


Deb said...

Nice Maroon 5 post! On my blog I have posted Maroon 5 concert and soundcheck pictures 3rd row CENTER STAGE from the Wasington DC show October 16, 2007! Take a look, and enjoy!

amy said...

way to go rhys!