Monday, December 24, 2007

christmas eve surprise

a while back i won a giveaway on my friend amy's blog. i'm pretty new to blogging, and VERY new to the crafty world, but apparently in the artsy blogging community sometimes people give stuff away that they have made. all you have to do is comment, and then the person draws a name from the people who have commented. i guess it's a way to get readers, plus it's a way to share what you are creating with your hands.

well i am a LONG way off from giving anything away on my blog--if ever. but amy can make a bazillion things she could give away, and i was honored to win her first ever of these such events.

so today in the mail, i got a surprise: a handmade apron from her (and i had just told rick the other day how much i wanted an apron!), along with a couple of smelly pencils (which took me right back to girlhood) and lip gloss. she also included a pencil case with some more smelly pencils and erasers for gillian's birthday. i tried on the apron immediately and had rick take my picture to post here.

what awesome treats amy! thanks so much for your kindness. i miss you friend.

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amy said...

i am glad that you received the package so quickly and that you like it. i am also happy that you were wanting an apron. i love when things work out like that. i miss you, too.