Friday, December 14, 2007

"domestic goddess"

that's what my friend angie calls me. i certainly don't feel like the second word in that phrase, but i had a fantastic day fulfilling out the first word yesterday. i hadn't even so much as cracked open my december issue of cooking light, and when i did, i was overwhelmed with all the yummy recipes in there!

we were having angie, warren, and another couple over last night, so in honor of that i ended up making chili and two desserts--*homemade* chocolate pudding and orange cardamom cake (did you know cardamom was $8 a bottle? i sure didn't...).

i am especially proud of the pudding. actually too rich for me to enjoy much, but that never really bothers me after i cook or bake something. i think for me it really is about the act of cooking, and being able to produce an end product that other people will ooh and aah over and will really enjoy. and everyone else seemed to really enjoy the pudding (and the cake!).

i had to post a photo because i put the pudding in china teacups. rick's mom gave me her entire china collection a few years ago, and the story behind these is awesome. rick's dad bought this noritake china IN JAPAN in the 1950s while he was on a ship in the Navy. so i feel very special to be able to call these my own. aren't they beautiful? (and you can see the cake in the background)


amy said...

yummy. and great idea with the pudding in the china. and beautiful china, by the way.

bonnie said...

yum! these look so good...and what lovely presentation! i found someone else who liked this cake, too...take a look: