Sunday, December 9, 2007

sweet bounty

today our friend krystal invited us to meet her at sweetwater organic community farm, because she was picking up her share of food and wanted to give some to us.

we tracked down the farm the minute we moved to tampa, but for one reason or another we have never quite had the funds to fork over all at once to purchase a share of the food. so we were thrilled that krystal was so generous!

this time, gillian and aedan wanted to know where all the farm animals were. then later tonight they decided that broccoli comes from a cow, and when i had the (stupid) idea of asking where exactly it came from, she said "the cow's bottom." so we had a great time laughing about broccoli coming out of a cow's butt. thank goodness it really doesn't!

the visit to the farm also spurred a lively argument about whether celery and broccoli were the same thing or not. i bet my friend laci is glad they aren't since she's not really fond of the former.

now i have to figure out what exactly to DO with all the greens...feel free to post suggestions if you have any (but i can't help you out by identifying any of these besides the curly kale--they are all just mystery greens to me!).


laci said...

oh yeah, they're SO not the same...

Anonymous said...

I like to put spinach, kale, and that type of green in minestrone. Also nice for stuffung manicotti, but since i don't have time for that, just mix it up with the ricotta $ go for a baked zitti. Also good in quiche or stratas.

I am so jealous of gardening in December.