Monday, February 11, 2008

the hives

no, unfortunately i'm not talking about the band...i'm talking about aedan. our weekend started out friday night with friends over for dinner. then saturday we went to have lunch with friends, followed by a visit to a u-pick strawberry patch. that was a letdown, because the berries were grown hydroponically. i didn't think it would matter to me, but there is something just unnatural about picking strawberries (or anything else, i would think) out of a ceramic pot while walking on a floor lined completely with plastic so that there is not a speck of dirt in sight. when i go picking, i want to see dirt! next time we'll know--but the strawberries still taste amazing.

sometime in between lunch and the strawberry "patch," aedan started itching his jawline. on closer examination, i saw (to my complete horror) that he was absolutely covered in hives. they were HUGE. his hands and feet were swollen, his cheeks were puffy--in general he was a big red blob. poor thing. he acted fine saturday, but we spent all day sunday at home while he laid listlessly on the couch (probably all the benadryl he was consuming), unable to really walk because the soles of his feet were just that swollen.

we were instructed by our lovely (said sarcastically) pediatrician's office at midnight saturday night that he was probably fine. but you know, when you look at your kid and he is swollen and listless, you wonder if you should just rush to the ER! we didn't...i was always on the edge, but i felt reassured because he never seemed to have trouble breathing or anything.

today, he just has some spots on his thighs, but otherwise he is back to his old self--bugging his sister, dragging out every toy in the closet, singing a song at the top of his lungs when the baby is trying to sleep--and today i am celebrating these things about my son because i know this means he will be okay.

here are a few pictures from the weekend. the one of the tractor was taken when we stopped to get gas; there was a random junkyard of sorts right on the property, and i had to take a picture of this because it reminds me of childhood (my parents owned a farm for a time). the naked photos of rhys are to prove to my mother that he finally has gained "enough" weight and she can stop worrying that i should stop nursing and give him formula.

hope your weekend was eventful (in a good way)! happy monday.


amy said...

aw goodness, poor aedan! i hope all is back to normal soon (it appears to be heading in that directions :) )

asti said...

I'm so glad Aedan is feeling a bit better. Very scary for you.....x

Amelia Plum said...

That's awful and it's so aggravating when your pediatrician's office acts blase about your concerns. Glad to hear that the Bendaryl did the trick. Were his hives triggered by a strawberry allergy?

kristi said...

amelia, he got the hives before we got to the strawberry patch, so we think it was some Hi-C punch he drank right before that. but honestly i'm not really sure--i just hope they never return!