Friday, February 1, 2008

ready to begin again

here's my new stash of yarn i got today with a gift certificate from my sweet hubby for christmas. i decided to stock up; the blue is for a scarf for aedan, and the pink is for a decent-looking scarf for gillian (since i didn't really like the way the other one turned out). i have no idea what the green is for, but i couldn't resist it--i think it is so pretty!

so a friend told me that i should re-roll the yarn i buy to avoid getting tangled up like what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. do you think these are the kinds of balls i need to re-roll? or do you think these should be okay? (they came with white tags around the middle, which i removed for aesthetic purposes before snapping the photo)

hopefully i'll have pics of the work in progress when monday rolls around...if i can squeeze knitting time in between editing this book i'm working on. have a great weekend everyone!


laci said...

kristi - look up "center pull ball" online and let them show you how to reroll your yarn so that it doesn't roll all over town when you pull it. the way i handle that kind of yarn is to pull the guts out of the middle, find the end of the yarn that's inside there, and start at that point. another variation on the center pull.

if you don't want to go to the trouble, i think you'll be fine using that yarn as is.

happy knitting!

Krystal said...

They have this cool little wheel contraption thing at knit & knibble that does the re-winding for you so you don't pull too hard, etc. But if they didn't tell you that it needed to be rewound, it's probably good as it is...