Saturday, March 22, 2008

contemplating homeschooling?

well, not really. i have never in my life since children been tempted to homeschool...that is, until yesterday.

gillian is in kindergarten and did not have the day off, but we decided to keep her out of school and go to the beach. i say "we decided" but really my family just went along with my whims. i have been working like a crazy woman lately, and i did indeed finish up that editing project on wednesday, so i wanted to do something outside to celebrate.

that morning, we went to a farmer's market in dunedin, a quaint little town about 40 minutes from where we live. look at all the beautiful veggies:

the colors were way better than i could capture on camera, but you get the idea. we bought several bags full of veggies and fruit, including heirloom organic tangerines and valencia oranges--10 pounds for $5!! you know those little samples farmers put out for you to taste their goods before you buy? our kids tried to eat every slice of citrus they had on the plate until i realized what was going on and quickly pulled them away. they know something yummy when they see it!

then we headed to honeymoon island for a couple of hours of beach time. before we started out for the day, gillian was not too keen on going to the beach: she claims she doesn't like the sand, doesn't like getting dirty. these photos, however, prove her wrong:

the sun was so bright this bottom shot was the best i could do here. and rhys even tolerated the beach. he was super tired and mostly just wanted to be held, but i managed to position myself so i could get a few rays while he stayed under the umbrella.

i know these pictures are pretty much the same but i couldn't just pick one because i think he looks so cute in this hat--i call it his old man hat.

we had such an amazing day that it made me pause and wish that sometimes it would be nice to have the flexibility of homeschooling, where we could just take off for the beach during the week sometime. then i quickly remembered my sanity. yeah--i think we'll stick to public school for now. but what a good friday!

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krystal said...

Sounds heavenly! I love those surprise days off. My mom used to keep us home every once in a while and we'd do stuff like that. Some of my favorite memories from growing up.