Wednesday, March 26, 2008

italian delight (and other knitting thoughts)

last night i made this marinara sauce from cooking light magazine. i usually am of the opinion that there are so many jarred sauces out there these days, why make my own? but THIS one...yum! plus, it's super easy; the recipe calls for dried herbs (but i used fresh basil because i happened to have some on hand) and canned tomatoes (but i used some yummy canned ones my mom and grandma put away last summer), which makes the recipe way easier than those pasta sauces where you have to boil the tomatoes, peel the tomatoes, de-seed the tomatoes...ugh. to me, fine, experience this once to say you've done it, and then move on to easier and more convenient ways of creating your own sauce. :)

so this is it: if you try it, i would recommend doubling it from the get-go because you will definitely want to freeze some for later.

in other news, my friend just opened her own etsy shop! this is the friend who taught me how to knit recently. she is WAY talented; she can churn out knitting projects like a crazy woman. it's insane. she has one thing for sale right now--the cutest pair of baby booties, felted and with a star on the side. Check it out and pass it on if you know someone who would want to buy from her. thanks!

take a look at what i started last night. i can't stop knitting; it's just too fun. still on the same old knit stitch, but again, it's so pretty i just don't want to venture out beyond that right now (plus that's my personality--play it safe!). i got this yarn at michael's for just pennies; it's their dish-rag cotton. it's a little tougher to knit with; the wool slid right on and off the needle so i could go a lot faster (well, fast for me--still pretty slow for all you advanced knitters out there i'm sure!). this is going to be a washcloth. i'll post the final product, hopefully tomorrow!


asti said...

That sauce looks wonderful..I LOVE pasta - could eat it for most meals (if it was just me!)

amy said...

yay! you are making a washcloth! you will be me. my favorite yarn for washcloths is the sugar and cream at michael's. very good cotton.