Tuesday, March 11, 2008

lenten photo project

this photo project represents me well: i have these great ideas, and then no follow through. i really don't like that about myself. i think the only reason i am able to finish a copyediting project is that i get paid at the end. well, and also i care about what my project editors think of me.

but when it comes to creative ideas, if i'm not pregnant i don't have follow through. (those of you who have been pregnant know what i mean: i go crazy when i'm pregnant, and i can't stop cleaning, working, organizing, etc. not so in "real" life though)

i wanted to keep posting photos of things that are broken, sort of to prepare myself for the crucifixion in a more tangible way than if i were to just meditate about sad things. well, now when i try to take pictures of broken things all i can see is the beauty in how things are being made whole all around me.

and i guess that's the point: seeing how God makes things new. but this doesn't fit in with my project idea! when my friend was here she walked all around my house and pointed out all these cool pictures of broken things i could take (maybe that's not a good thing--are that many things broken in my house?!). i wasn't seeing it though without her insight.

that said, here's one i took of torn sheet metal when we went to pass-a-grille last week. i couldn't stop snapping photos of this marina. i loved the blue color.


amy said...

i love to read about how this project is affecting you. it is quite beautiful.

Amelia Plum said...

It is a pretty blue. Ss for follow through, you've got to remember you can do everything you want, just not all at the same time. I'd say you're probably busy enough taking care of two children and a baby under a year old. Plus you work from home on top of it, when being a stay at home mom is already a 24/7 job, which is no easy task I know.