Thursday, May 22, 2008

trash or treasure?

my friend krystal and i were headed out for coffee on monday night (yes i'm a bit late posting on this) and we didn't get 3 houses away when i spotted this table on the curb. it was almost completely dark out, but i knew from the lines of this table that i wanted it.

i told krystal we could just pick it up on the way back from coffee, but she insisted on turning around and helping me grab it before someone else did.

i am so excited about this find! i always hear about the treasures other people have found on curbs, but this has rarely happened to me. so now i'm trying to figure out what to do with it.

there are what look like cubbies on the front of it, so i thought about having the kids share it as an art desk...but then do i want to listen to them fight about who is invading whose space?

and there's the issue of the top. it's like a formica sort of top with the black rubber edging, some of which is peeling off.

so, any ideas for the use or for what to do about the top?


amy said...

that is awesome! and i thought my free screen door that i got on freecycle today was great!

asti said...

That's gorgeous - what a find ! I even like the colour as is.
For the top why not find some really nice oil cloth, stretch it over the top and nail it in place under the edges. Wipeable, very 'now' (not that that's an issue....) and kid friendly !