Tuesday, June 3, 2008

sew excited

as i thought about titles for this post (which, by the way, i think this one is quite boring but oh well), i realized that you can make a LOT of puns using the word "sewing."

i borrowed my friend natasha's idea (who, incidentally, does not have a blog but should start one because she's very creative) to alter shirts i already have and make new ones out of them.

now, i want to say right upfront that i am NOT a sewer. i should be: my mom is a fabulous seamstress; she can make just about anything. she sewed a lot of my clothes when i was little. she even tried to teach me how to sew. AND i even took sewing class for a whole semester in 10th grade.

however, i am not a patient person. so i don't think i'm cut out for big-time sewing. if something wrong happens, i don't want to fix it. i want to give up. it's my personality (which i'm working on, by the way...lots of parentheticals today).

well, these projects today were perfect. cut here, don't hem there, sew with hand stitches and make them look messy, if something rips just make the most of it. yay! i wish i had taken "before" shots, but here are the end results:

this is a T-shirt from target. i just cut the sleeves off, opened up the neck, and tied material from a skirt to the sleeves to make them skinny. now i just have to do more sit-ups so my belly doesn't poke out in this snug one...

this one i felt okay modeling in full for everyone (obviously i haven't read my "our bodies, our selves" post that i wrote a while back enough right?!). this used to be a skirt with pockets on the side. great. who had THAT idea? all it did was accentuate my already "motherly" figure. :) so i made it into a shirt with straps i cut off another shirt. and i hand sewed hearts from yet another target tee to the front. i love how messy and comfortable this shirt is.

this used to be a shirt with pleats at the top. again, what designer had THIS idea? puffy and very UNflattering. so i took off the pleats, sewed hearts again (the only thing i could figure out how to cut out in any semblance of cuteness), and made this into a skirt. i can wear it as a sleeveless shirt too, but it's much cuter now as a skirt, which i plan to wear over jeans until i have done way more yoga...

and lastly, a top shot of one of my husband's former tees from urban outfitters, now girlied up and ready to go:
i cannot express how proud of myself i am. it just goes to show that anyone really CAN sew (at least straight lines and jagged scissor cuts, right?!).

now i need to get cracking on this:

i am making a quilt for aedan out of a bunch of very cool surf shirts rick decided to get rid of. now, if i can only figure out WHEN to do this project, since i just got a new book yesterday. this one's about systemic sex therapy. at least this time it should be a fun read!


amy said...

oh my goodness kristi! everything looks so great! and i bet you had a lot of fun, too! i can't wait to see the quilt.

karin said...

I love your modifications! I wish you could come over and help me with some of my clothes. I need to get them "island ready".

cookie said...

clever girl!!
obviously very creative.
and gorgeous!yummy mummy more like it. i totally understand about not posting pics of myself..very scary..

Dot Com Mom said...


I just took my first sewing lesson last month. Now you have inspired me to do something useful with my newly acquired skill.

Love you blog!
a.k.a. Dot Com Mom

Penny said...

great fun Kristi!! Great work on your refashions! I have to say too, from what I can see of you in your photos, you look great!!!