Tuesday, July 8, 2008

party pooped

i haven't blogged for a while because for 4 months i was planning a surprise party for my husband's birthday, and the party was on saturday. i didn't want to let the cat out of the bag, but i was relieved when my sister decided to come into town for the big event on friday. then i was forced to tell him *something* was up--just not the details. i think he would have been wondering on saturday why i was making two cakes, bringing home 5 pounds of barbecue...just a tad suspicious, right?

i have to say that we have some amazing friends. people came from near and far to celebrate rick, and i think it's safe to say he had a great time.

i made a chocolate orange cake i saw here. i have never received more compliments on something i have made than on this. plus, it sliced like a bakery cake. perfectly. my cakes are usually crumbly, but this one was dense but moist, and the icing was to die for. i shaved off some orange peel for the top, like confetti.

the party was such a great mix of people. i was thrilled that my sister came and brought her son with her. he is only 5 days older than rhys, but you wouldn't know it by comparing the length of their legs...our kid is a shrimp! it was just really comforting to have her here when i got stressed out in preparing for the party (and during, and after...what can i say--i stress out a lot!).

we had brand-new friends at the party, longtime friends, and friends we see just about every day. whatever the length, it was really such a blessing to be surrounded by all these people who very clearly love rick! (and i suppose they love me too...)

yesterday after i dropped my sister off at the airport, i felt sort of strange inside. like there is a lump at the back of my throat that won't go away. and there's something missing inside. and then today, when we said goodbye to michael and amy, the feeling was compounded. i wonder if this is how my great-grandma used to feel when we would visit and then as we were leaving she would cry. as a kid i always rolled my eyes, not getting why she would get teary. but there is something about having such a full house, and full of people you love, and then having the house empty out, with you not knowing when you will get to see some of these people again.

so, not to end this post on a downer, i leave you with these photos that prove how much fun everyone had at the big celebration! i'll try not to be this long between posts again...

(cousin love)

(michael and rick goofing off)
(talking--look at those hydrangeas michael and amy brought!)
(resting after making mac and cheese)


Amelia Plum said...

looks like a lovely party. i'm glad to hear the surprise of it was a success, that's an awfully hard thing to keep secret for so long. you're cakes look yummy, especially with the orange peel confetti.

Penny said...

I'm glad Rick's party and the cake was such a success! I have to say, I LOVE cAKE!, and seeing the picture of the cake you made makes me want to make one and eat the whole thing myself!

Sara said...

hey siser - had a great time & miss you already. :)

Pixie said...

The cake does look delicious. But I must say that I was captivated by your textured walls & the lovely color. That's not exactly something that fits in most New England homes but I adore textured plaster and yours is really pretty and now I need to paint something that color...

amy said...

we had such a great time! and that cake was scrumptious! miss you!

asti said...

Oh wow Kristi, you did him proud ! Looks like a lovely gathering, you all look very happy and relaxed.Got to say the cake looks delicious (I' m sitting here munching chocolate as I type, loving all the wrong things....).
Thanks for your LOVELY comment over at mine....you should see how many I delete !
asti xx