Monday, August 4, 2008

my new friend

it has been quite eventful at the bennett house lately, which is why i haven't been blogging much. and this new french press is going to help me get through all the craziness!

i had a red bodum french press and had grown very fond of brewing coffee in it. i feel very fancy making my coffee this way. i don't really know why, but i just do. plus with all the things we have plugged in around the house, it's nice to know that at least i can eliminate ONE thing that uses electricity.

well, the red french press broke, so i got its replacement this past weekend. and i love it even more than the last one, because it's my favorite color. it goes with nothing in my kitchen, but as a girl at urban outfitters once told me (and now is my mantra), "i'm urban: it doesn't have to match." :)

as i type and drink coffee, i'm listening to someone dismantle our bathroom in preparation for putting it back together in a better way. if you have visited, you know what i'm talking about--the window in the tub for starters was seriously in need of replacing.

it's strange with old houses to see behind the walls--there's nothing there except the outer wall. no insulation, just wood boards that are a hundred years old. it's really cool (except for the no insulation part, which no doubt leads to our $300-plus electricity bill in the summer here in sunny florida)--it makes me think about who has lived here before, how many voices these walls have absorbed over the years.

in other news, i was editing a book that ended up being very happily copied from all kinds of online sources, so it was pulled from production in the middle of things. i felt very heroic, because i discovered the naughty deed. then i felt sort of nostalgic because for some reason amid all the complaining i do i really enjoy challenging projects (maybe they keep me preoccupied from what's happening around me), so i kind of miss it. the good news was that i was forced to stop working on it and bill out for the job right away, so i found myself a free woman for the weekend!

now just waiting to get a replacement job sometime today...

i also met a close friend in orlando on friday for dinner. we hadn't seen each other in more than 2 years, as she lives in austin and i live in tampa. it was so great to catch up, just the 2 of us, to talk about motherhood, marriage, travel, life in general, yummy cocktails...

i have moved around a lot, so it always amazes me when a friendship can be sustained over miles and miles, and can even grow deeper and stronger without much face-to-face contact. this particular friendship is even more amazing because it mostly developed AFTER we moved away from each other. nevertheless, we are committed to each other, and that really means so much to me, especially in the topsy-turvy chaos that is our life right now. a little stability, committment, faith, steadfastness goes a long way.

next on the horizon, we'll be trying to gear up for the start of school. august 18th...i don't think it can come soon enough!


amy said...

ooh la la! very nice french press. i, too, feel special that i make my coffee with a french press. glad you "got rid" of your last project and enjoyed the weekend. hey, we will be in st. augustine soon. how far is that?

Amelia Plum said...

that is a lovely french press you got yourself there. such a wonderful pink color too, very retro looking. I can't believe school starts down there on the 18th, we have to wait until the 28th - can you hear how eager I am for the school year to begin already.