Friday, September 5, 2008

more thoughts on sarah palin

i am hoping that we won't be discussing her much longer--at least i hope voters make a decision based on who is actually running for president instead of who he chose for veep.

in the meantime, though, it seems that the conversation continues. a friend shared this article with me today (published in the New York Times) about sarah palin's fellow mom devotees. the entire article talks about how she campaigns around the fact that first and foremost she is a mother.

this is what i was talking about the other day: if she's the one making the case for her motherhood, and since she IS using her motherhood to try to get votes, then we MUST judge this, we MUST talk about this, we MUST gather information--all about her role as a mother as WELL as a veep candidate.

if she's going to attempt to use it for her benefit, then as women and mothers we must examine her in this light.

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