Saturday, October 11, 2008


so lately i've been neglecting this space. there is a LOT going on at my house these days, all of it good...but some of it adding stress to my life, as usual.

the nonstress good part is that my friend christine has been visiting. she stayed with us her first night in town before going to visit family. she's an incredibly accomplished violin player--as in, she plays in gillian was very excited about her visit. christine was kind enough to give gillian a few pointers. while they were working together, aedan spent his time running from the bed to the couch to the bed to the couch to the door to the couch to the bed to get the idea. he was in a constant state of movement and noise, just to make sure he wasn't left out of the equation. he was brandishing a full-size etch-a-sketch and waving it in christine's face while she attempted to play along and communicate with gillian. can we say middle child syndrome? or maybe this is just aedan. ;)

here's a picture of the two of them playing together while aedan sits in the background (oh, i guess he WAS still for at least a second or 2):

and i have to share this picture of rhys i took about a week ago. he suddenly loves to play in his room, and he also is beginning to share his siblings' love for books. now he will sit still while i read to him, and he even seems to ask me to read to him when it's time for bed. i'm torn between thinking it's adorable and wondering if he's already developing a ploy to get out of naptime. 

one source of stress lately is this knitting project i started working on. it's ridiculously hard. i use only the knit stitch. i can whip out boring, rectangular scarves without thinking--and i'm proud at the end--AND it's gratifying because i can do it so quickly. well...what was i thinking trying to attempt this pattern? yeah, i know, i'm crazy. but i feel like i'm in good company because there is a group of about 20 women all working on the same pattern, and even the experienced knitters seem to think the pattern is difficult. 

while christine was visiting (also an accomplished knitter), she helped me get started on the scarf. here's what i have done so far:

i want to document this in case i never get any further than this...

in other news, yesterday i had to return something to marshall's when i discovered for the holiday weekend they are having 25% off the markdown price. i LOVE it when this happens. it's so psychological--the fact that they let ME take an additional amount off the marked price just gives me the biggest thrill. (i know, i love shopping--what can i say?!) 

so i found these shoes on big time sale:

aren't they so cute? i struggled with buying them (but only for a second), because i love that show what not to wear, and stacey and clinton are always talking about having a "grown-up style" and not dressing like a teenager when you are in your 30s...but then i thought maybe i can punk these out a little or something and avoid looking like a teen. at the very least, they make me taller. that in and of itself made them worth the $12 they cost me! AND they are mary janes. ok, so obviously i didn't need much convincing. ;)

i don't know how much i'll be posting in the near future, because suddenly i am in a near panic state at the amount of projects on my desk. it's good, and i'm not complaining--but i definitely need to focus on work and try not to get sucked into the online world of blogging, facebook, email, Google reader, etc. it's bad...there are so many ways to procrastinate thanks to technology! 

so if i don't talk to you for a while, don't abandon me for good...keep checking back, and i'll be back soon enough!


amy said...

those shoes are great! what is the brand? and your scarf looks better than mine. i think we have about the same amount finished.

J said...

oh cool, kristi, you got to see christine HAUPTLEY! i miss her! would you forward her my email address... or email me her address? i've missed her for a while!

and *love* the shoes, dr. martens, right?

and i admire your knitting, how do you ever have your hands free (from the baby!) long enough to actually knit?

and that quilt!
you're an inspiration,

asti said...

wow Kristi ! The scarf looks great, what a nice pattern. I'm sure you'll find it ok once you get your head round it . Looks like you've gotten into it fine...just keep going ! (Lace is've seen my first attempts..)
The shoes are fabulous, I want, want, want ;)

karin said...

I just caught myself up with your blog. I am SO impressed with your craftiness lately! You definately don't give yourself enough credit! The rug looks so pretty and girly. I can see it in a girlie nursery or bathroom. I'm sorry the bag didn't work out after how hard you worked on it. And, you look like you are going gang-busters with the new stitch. I miss you. Will you plan a trip to see us soon?! I am wishing...