Thursday, October 16, 2008

you know teething is bad when...

the baby asks for the tylenol before being willing to take a nap. rhys is in bed for his afternoon nap (because of school times for G&A the baby gets shafted in terms of real naptimes, so we make do...). he was making all sorts of noise, and he finally let out a cry. so i went to check on him and noticed his two favorite things were on the floor: his paci and his bun-bun, as we call it around here (his floppy, stinky yellow super soft bunny that he's slept with since birth--yeah yeah, i know about SIDS...)

anyway, it's not unusual for him to throw absolutely e v e r y t h i n g out of his crib while he's trying to fall asleep. and by everything, i mean one blue bunny, one bigger yellow bunny (for some reason we accidentally have a stuffed bunny theme going on), one brown & white puppy, one tiny black & white panda, one blue elephant, one striped tiger, one brown monkey whose name is albert, one baby doll, and one plastic book. incidentally, most of these things were given to rhys by his older brother, who as you can see has quite the affinity for stuffed animals. and by the inventory count in rhys's crib, he will probably end up just like his big brother!

so when i went to check on him, i thought, "oh, well if i give him his paci and bun-bun back he'll probably pass out." so i picked them both up and went to put paci in his mouth. he dodged. he turned away. he grunted "no." (not really, i just know what he meant.) then he walked over to the other side of his crib, close to his dresser, where i keep all the drugs we need to get through this teething phase: teething tablets (if you don't have these RUN to the store and buy them--they are awesome! of course, if you don't have kids, then you don't need them. although i have read they are good at just calming you down. hey, maybe i need to go take a bottle right now...hmmm.... but i digress.), tylenol, motrin, and teething swabs.

so rhys proceeded to look at the medicine stash and to POINT to the tylenol. not the motrin. not the teething tablets (he didn't want to waste his time with those--they are homeopathic...). the tylenol. 

i just gave him 2 droppersful and now he's asleep. crazy!


Pixie said...

Preston's a tylenol fiend too. He giggles whenever we give Tylenol to him.

Have you read Anne Lamott's "Operating Instructions" where she worries Sam is a baby junkie?

BTW - if you haven't read this book you must. It is the only thing that got me through the postpartum nasties. Plus we need to discuss it because I am already wanting to add other quotes :)

sew nancy said...

yeah sometimes the teething tablets work but when it's real bad i've used the tylenol too.
thanks for your comment today- i'm having a bad mommy day so comments always put a smile on my face
have a good weekend

Penny said...

aww! He's a little man who KNOWS what he needs! That's awesome!