Monday, November 3, 2008

green disposables

(warning: baby post. if you get easily bored by baby talk you can just skip reading this one.) :)

a friend of mine sent me a newsletter the other day that contained in it a link to a green, completely earth-friendly, disposable diaper. for a split second i felt a pang of guilt: yes, i have blogged on here before about how i was planning to go full cloth at some point. i even ordered 2 bumgenius diapers. i tried them a few times. i gave up. 

for those of you who read my blog, you know how bluntly honest i am about myself, and so it won't surprise you to hear me say that i tend to give up easily. it's why in 10th grade sewing class i ended up just wearing a dress with the skirt sewn on sideways--i didn't feel like fixing it after i had put so much time into it sewing it incorrectly...

so this isn't a personality trait i'm especially proud of. it doesn't help that i am married to someone who doesn't EVER give up. on anything. i mean EVER. if he sets out to do something, he WILL do it. 

but i digress. back to the green sposies. so i did a search for the diapers, which are called "nature babycare." i instantly loved the website. ok, another personal admission: i'm completely into aesthetics when it comes to buying stuff. another thing that drives my husband crazy beyond crazy. something can be totally practical, but if it's ugly, i'm not buying it.

so the site, as you can see (you have to click and check it out), is really pleasing. AND the diapers are european, which automatically makes them cool in my book. i have some weird fascination with euro stuff--probably because i've never traveled there and dream of going someday. 

then i read about the story behind the diapers, and they were designed by a swedish mom (who also looks very cool, and she calls diapers "nappies."). even the packaging they are wrapped in is compostable. i won't share all the cool stuff about these things on here, but really, read for yourself (that is, if you have a need for diapers at this point in your life).

so after i looked around on the website, i started thinking "well they are too expensive, so forget it. i won't order them." then i remembered i had ordered formula from, a great site that lets you order lots 'o things baby and have them delivered to your door, within days of ordering. and if your order is $50 or more, the shipping is free. and let's face it: if we actually plan ahead on baby purchases, we easily spend $50 or more in baby stuff at a time!

when i checked their site, lo and behold they carry these awesome diapers! so my baby wears a size 4, which means i  ordered 120 diapers for $44.99. that's a bit more than pampers (i have tried every cheap diaper out there and they all leak, so i stick to pampers), but i figure for a few extra dollars it's totally worth it.

the diapers are soft (some people in the reviews complain that they are crunchy but i think seventh generation diapers are way rougher), they are not bulky, they work great. a few people on the review site are complaining that the tabs don't stick to the diaper for easy roll-up after you change your baby. to me, this is just plain whiny. get over it people! so your diaper doesn't roll into a neat ball! it's either that or kill the planet! (or use cloth, i know i know, don't remind me)

if you decide to try these and you order them from, will you use me as a referral? my user id is "kristibenn." it helps me earn a $1 for every person who enters my name. and in this economy, every dollar helps! then you can sign up and start earning your own referral bucks too!

(ok that ending sounds totally cheesed out and commercially, but seriously, i'm excited about these diapers, and i just wanted to pass on the word to you. let me know if you end up trying them!)


Pixie said...

Yeah!! You'll have to post a pick of Rhys in his new "nappies" :)

sew nancy said...

i'm going to check these out
i've used seventh generation for my kids and sometimes g diapers
i also ordered cloth with the first one and have never used them
i feel so guilty that i haven't used cloth so i will check these out for sure