Thursday, February 12, 2009

daddy tooth fairy and other unrelated tidbits

this picture is an illustration of what happens when daddy is assigned tooth fairy duty. now, how the heck were we supposed to put all this under the kid's pillow? to his credit, he claimed "they were each only $5!" and aedan DID just lose his first TWO teeth yesterday (yes, both in one day, within about 30 minutes of each other), so i guess dad was extra excited. i thought it was hilarious, and cute, and i promptly made the tooth fairy write a note explaining why aedan was getting something so ginormous it wouldn't quite fit where his teeth had been. :)

in other news, we worked on our kid art trading card swap last week. too bad we didn't know they had to be a specific size, so we have to redo them. i'm sure the kids will just HATE having to paint again...

of course rhys wanted in on the action, too.

(notice the t-shirt: AC/DC. ok, i didn't notice it said that, because it just said something about rock n roll and i thought "oh how cute!" then when i got home rick informed me, "well it's the name of their album title!" ha. maybe i should let dad pick out the shirts from now on...)
and i took this shot of marley sleeping on gillian's bed last week too, and just had to share it. i swear, i did NOT pose him this way. he curled up right next to barbie and took a very long nap.

and yesterday, while rick's parents were here for a visit, rhys was playing (well, more like whining playing because he's been super clingy lately), when suddenly he went over to poppa and crawled up in his lap for a big, long snuggle. this kid never sits still. i mean NEVER. i should be a string bean from chasing him everywhere. but he sat with his poppa stock still for about 20 minutes, just snug as a bug! and of course his poppa was in heaven...

i have the most amazing smells emanating from my kitchen right now. wow. i'm making yet another recipe from my new cookbook, and i swear, i thought, "when is it too early to drink wine?" because this recipe has red wine in it and the smell of whatever i used (leftovers from another night when we didn't finish a bottle...i know, tragic) made my mouth water. not to mention the sun-dried tomatoes, sausage, onion, garlic... OH MY!

if it tastes as great as it smells, i'll post the recipe tomorrow.


Pixie said...

That is quite the amazing tooth fairy. I love that he left note :)

asti said...

It's never too early for wine.......;)