Friday, February 27, 2009


the soft hum of the window fan is mixing with the whirring of the washing machine and the drone  of the sound machine on the baby monitor. through the window, a flash of color--my orchid is loaded with buds and has 5 huge, fuschia blooms already open, showing off just in time for lenten season. and spanish moss, hanging down from the huge oak in the front yard, waving hello to me in the breeze. 

a job is complete; more are queued up and ready to go. the air is cool, but not too cool. the sun is warm; 5 minutes outside and my freckles pop to the surface, saying "look at us! we've been waiting to get out of here and be noticed!" toys are scattered on the living room floor, on a soft, brightly colored, slightly torn-up quilt. after only 2 years it has already seen some serious love.

laundry, work, kids, oak pollen, too many bills, crowded i do most days, i certainly could focus today on the things in my life that are stressful, not going perfectly. but i find myself wanting to be thankful today, heading down the right path instead of the wrong one.

what are you thankful for today?


Mrs. H. said...

Beautiful! I am thankful for you! :-)

It all made me smile, but especially the freckles part!

Charlotte said...

yes... i agree. beautiful. thank you for writing this and for pointing us toward thankfulness.

right now i'm thankful for:
--the fact that my children are giggling & playing together instead of arguing
--the daffodils & forsythia & other signs that spring is near
--breves (espresso w/steamed half and half). had one today.

Pixie said...

This is so beautiful. Thanks.