Thursday, April 2, 2009

pure bliss

today i am in domestic heaven. i'm trying to pretend i don't have a project to work on right now, since, ahem, i told you i was going to be scarce around here until i got it done.

but i just can't stand it. i have to share this with you!

rick and i got this dresser when we were just freshly married. gosh, it was ages ago, really. he was working at a church, and we had been given a rather loving love offering ($$). of course, we should have been thinking, "let's save this for college for the kids we will maybe have one day." or "let's add this to our savings." and i think we did that with some of it. but we took a little, and we went to an auction.

now, neither one of us had ever been to an auction, at least as bidders. i had been to a million auctions (or at least 50) with my parents growing up. i can't describe the thrill my mom gets out of scouring a room full of castoffs, picking out a few things, and then trying to outbid everyone else in the room until she wins. then my dad has to figure out how they are going to get it home and where they will store it until she's ready to work on it. :)

so i have those genes as well...and apparently rick does too. i think that day we spent a little more than $100, and we got a giant art deco buffet (which i wrote about a while back--we sold it not too long ago), a gold velvet chair (still in our bedroom, totally awesome), and this dresser.

for about 3 years now i have been wanting to paint it. it was a drab brown before, and the color made me want to get rid of it. but once i started imagining what it would look like with COLOR on it, i started loving it, for its beautiful round, flower-etched mirror and deep drawers with room to hold the clothes of an entire army (or rick)...

well, today i finally painted the thing. no matter that my  knee is in excruciating pain: i just unloaded it and dragged the thing out to the front porch, streaked some paint on there, and 3 hours later dragged it back so i could reload and take pictures to show you!

doesn't it look amazing?!

and i am freaking out over the rug i'm making--you remember, the one i'm using as an escape from my "rug rats." haha so i have been having this internal conversation, which goes something like:

kristi, you are doing such a GREAT job on this rug!
well, thank you!
you're welcome! don't you want to take a picture of it and share it on your blog?
ohhh, not yet! i want to wait until it's done so i can really wow my reader. ;)
but it looks so great; you should go ahead and show your progress.
ohhh, okay.

isn't IT awesome too?! and i stood on it to give you perspective. it's going to be so much bigger than the ones i made last christmas (which makes me feel slightly guilty, but only a smidge, because of all the excitement over how pretty it is). see those balls to the side? i still have to add those. i'm going to end with the white ball, which has green flowers running through it. so i will just have to show you another picture when it's all done...

oh, and aedan's birthday is coming up on tuesday, so  i'm making some fancy schmancy cookie cupcake thingamajigs, which i will most certainly share with you (unfortunately, it will have to be virtual) once they are made.

happy friday everyone!


Tabitha and Larry said...

I love it! Both the dresser and the rug. AND you have given me inspiration to stop saying I want to paint our old furniture, and actually do it! Thanks Kristi ;)

amy said...

The dresser looks great. I am hoping to paint our bedroom furniture. Of course, it won't stop raining here. And the rug? It is gorgeous! I love it!

Mrs. H. said...

Wow! Love both Kristi - you are very inpiring. :-)

Glad the side of the conversation that wanted you to show the rug won out! ;-) (And really glad to know I'm not the only one that talks to herself!)

Mrs. H. said...

Sorry - meant to type "inspiring"! ;-)

asti said...

Gorgeous Kristi. I love that blue, so happy. And the rag rug too, you have been busy. Impressive...puts me to shame !

Pixie said...

You inspired me to mail you the old sheets & curtains I've been saving since when you inspired me at Christmas.