Friday, May 22, 2009

feeling nostalgic

maybe it's because my husband is on a weekend camping trip this weekend with friends from boston. we used to live there, 2 of our kids were born there, and i have some really fond memories of life there.

maybe it's because camping makes me think of all the family camping trips i went on as a child. we camped and skiied at lake greeson in arkansas. at the time, i don't think i really appreciated how much fun we were having. but now that i'm grown, i am really grateful for those times.

maybe it's living so far away from my family and wishing i could see them more.

maybe it's from watching a couple of movies recently that took place around the time i was little (one of them was "bottleshock," in which my husband pointed out, "the star is around your dad's age." and at that time, i was already five...)

maybe it's just a mood i'm in right now.

at any rate, i have these few old pictures that a family member posted online a while back and i happened to be able to snag them and save them on  my computer.

the top one is of my grandpa with my dad (far left,) and his 2 siblings. my grandpa died about 2 years ago. i hadn't seen or talked to him in forever. thinking of him makes me want to be really intentional to be sure my kids spend lots of time with both sets of grandparents, really get to know them. 

here's a picture of me with 3 of my cousins. i'm at the far left. my mom used to love curling my hair with sponge rollers. anyone else ever sleep on those? (mrs. h, if you are reading, i think i remember sleeping on them at your house once--we both had a head of those pink things!) the girl cousin is my dad's sister's daughter, whom i also haven't seen in forever, and the boys are my dad's brother's sons. i don't really ever see anyone on that side of the family, and it makes me sad. 

i love this group shot of the entire roberts family. i don't know who most of these people are, but see my dad? he's down front and center, white T-shirt, with an i'm-in-trouble kind of smile. and those eyes, how he's cutting them. he reminds me of aedan in this picture.

and just look at the outfits! i love them. 


mrs boo radley said...

Love these old photos, Kristi! My hair went through a weird stick straight stage when I was 7-8 years old, and I slept in pink curlers too.

And yes, get those kids to know their grandparents...I have one set left and relish every moment with them...which only happens twice a year...

Anonymous said...

Kristi, I slept in pink curlers. Yep. Had the headaches and the raw scalp every morning. So I can't find your email address...can you please email me soon? It's KC. Must talk soon.

Mrs. H. said...

Oh wow! You might not see it, but the picture of your dad in the boat looks so much like your daughter! Your curls are precious and I wouldn't doubt it at all if I had tortured you with pink curlers years ago! ;-)