Thursday, June 18, 2009

three in a row

in this picture, i was 7. which i can't really believe, because i look older than that i think. but maybe i was *just* 7 or something. my mom had decided that my super long, thick, crazy heavy hair needed to be cut into something more manageable for her, which at the time devastated me (i remember one boy at school chanting, "you look like a bo-y, you look like a bo-y" when i returned sporting this dorothy hamill cut). now that i have a little girl, who is this age with the same kind of hair i have, who also incidentally won't let me brush or wash it often but also has felt compelled at times to use it as a napkin while eating, i completely understand her urge to cut it all off...

my sister is also sporting a short 'do. i love her round cheeks in this picture. and that baby doll is as big as she is!

my cousin carmen sits between us. which is fitting, because she is pretty much exactly between us in age.

and do you think my smile here looks like something aedan would do? sometimes people tell me aedan looks like me, and i can't see it. but in this picture i really do see it!

now, i now i said i was going to make those yummy strawberry cookies, but time got away from me yesterday. so today, take 2. and also, i'm going to see if i have the courage to try to make this skirt for myself (as listed on the handmade experiment, an awesome website i came across somehow recently--i love how she inspires me, especially since i'm so afraid of sewing, despite my mother's mad skillz...). oh, and i also want to try this pillowcase dress for gillian.

so i guess that's 3 in a row. now, let's see if i can keep the kid craziness at bay long enough to attempt these projects...


christine said...

I just clicked on that skirt link, and it looks awesome! I wish I lived closer so we could get together for a sewing day :) Sounds like you are keeping busy - hope you are well.

Kristin said...

You definitely look like you've got something going through that cute head of yours! AND, I lived the same nightmare entitled, "my mom thinks I'm cute with a dorothy pixie cut, but I feel like a boy." I really, really, REALLY didn't like mine and I'm pretty sure I was about the same age! You look cute to me. I guess that happens when you become a mommy. :)

Amelia Plum said...

i can't figure out how to keep the kid craziness at bay long enough to do craft projects, i'm wondering if the key is let them be crazy and don't intervene - unless blood is shed. i rocked that dorothy hamill do too, but i actually requested it because i used to take figure skating lessons and i guess felt the feminine bowl cut was part of the whole skater look. i think you look adorable though.

Ylime said...

Thanks for the mention! So glad you find some inspiration through my blog. That makes finding the time through all the kid craziness worth it. :) Lee's skirt tutorial is awesome. I'd love to see pictures if you end up making your own creation.

Thanks again for reading,
The Handmade Experiment