Monday, July 20, 2009

stay a while

i grabbed the doorknob and braced myself.

as soon as the calendar pages turned to may, it's been suffocating. as each day passes, it becomes increasingly difficult to breathe outside. like standing behind a city bus: hot air blasting, filling my lungs, unable to exhale. limbs feel like lead. one move, one muscle twitch, and the sweat pours. at least three wardrobe changes a day.

so, after changing a dirty diaper and needing to banish its smell to the great outdoors, to let it swelter in the big trashcan--we don't dare have a diaper pail in this subtropical climate--i prepared to open the door and brave the heat.

"oh my gosh!" i exclaimed to the shriveled-up tomato plants and 47 lizards scurrying to get out of my path.

the breeze, cool and dry, greeted my skin, said hello for the first time in 3 months. now, if i can just coax you to stay around for a while. a few days at least, just until i can finish all the perspiration-soaked laundry.


mrs boo radley said...

I covet the heat, but pea soup humidity isn't my favorite thing...

I guess I prefer the dry brisket desert heat.

Today in the other corner of America we have heat! And I am sweaty. And I love it! Because before I know it it's November, and then I need to go heat myself up all artifically in the hot yoga room.

Amelia Plum said...

i'm envious of your weather most of the year but not right now. it's been such a cool summer here so far i still haven't had to put the airconditioners in our windows. heat and humidity is the worst, glad to hear you got a little break but i hope you didn't really spend it doing laundry!