Monday, November 9, 2009

november morning

30 degrees outside. watching my breath float out of my mouth, away on the wind. heavy clouds hang overhead, pregnant with snowflakes. now they spill down, down, down, onto my head, onto my (bare) arms, onto my tongue.

in my fantasy world, that's how i'm modeling this cowl i just made for myself. i'm in an anthro ad (of COURSE!), wearing all vintage clothes, snow sprinkling down all around, maybe a barn off to the side.

the real world: hurricane ida approaches, so the air is pregnant here, but with humidity. high today of 82. about the only thing matching what i wrote at the outset is the breeze, which is always lovely when a storm heads nearby.

however, in about a week i will be giving this baby a test run in NYC. yes, that's right! rick has a work meeting there next thursday, and then i will be joining him that evening and we get the WHOLE weekend to play and have fun (sans bebes) in the big city!

we have always dreamed of living there, so i am beside myself with just going to visit. my mom and dad are gracious enough to be willing to keep the kiddos (plus the dog) so we can have a few days away to ourselves.

i even bought a new coat for the occasion. isn't it great?

and i can't believe the prices. plus, i get overwhelmed in the store, so shopping online for this was way easier.

if we are facebook friends or for the (very) few of you who follow me on twitter, you may know that this cowl originally started as a beautiful rust color with (very expensive--at least to me) soo soo soft yarn. however, after working furiously for 3 days, i realized i would need at least 2 more skeins of it, and i had already spent $33 (for 3 at $11 each). and you know where i live, so it seems just ridiculously indulgent to spend $50 or $60 (or more) on a scarf i might get to wear twice, besides our impending trip north.

so i scratched that project for now and went with lion's brand chunky yarn. i don't feel like usually it's soft enough for me, but this thing is SUPER soft.

i should note (to encourage you to leave me some praise, you know) that this is the first project i've ever done that wasn't the straight knit stitch. for those of you just starting out in knitting, it's called the moss stitch. and i think i found my new obsession. because it's super easy, and i LOVE how it turns out, with those little knots. i love the alternative name for it, too: the seed stitch.

i hope your november morning is lovely, wherever you are!


amy said...

It is beautiful! You have inspired me! I may have to make one, too!

sew nancy said...


It looks great! Nick work. Moss/Seed stitch is so fun

Amelia Plum said...

i love that cowl! i've got to find a youtube video of the moss stitch, i was struck right away by how pretty the stitching looked. that cowl will look lovely with the new jacket too, which is adorable and that color will look great with your coloring and eyes. have a wonderful time in nyc - that is wonderful that you can enjoy it sans bebes.

christine said...

yay for you on the knitting project! i'd say that's a more reasonable second step than the lace scarf (which, by the way, is still in my knitting basket, waiting to be finished...). have a great time in NYC!! let me know if you need any tips on anything while there (though you should definitely go to purl in soho, speaking of knitting...). miss you so much (as always!).

elise said...

love the cowl, seed and moss stitch vocab. chunky cowl will look great with the jacket in nyc, although be warned it's been in the mid-sixties in philly. yikes global warming. al gore, you've ruined me for the balmy november weather. oh! local is across the street from a yarn store. also in soho. maybe is the same... on sullivan street.

glisteneyes said...

Great cowl! You have more patience than I for the constant switching my working yarn from front to back and back again. I'm sure you'll love NYC. I like to visit again!

krystal said...

Wow - nice job, Kristi! And fast work! You've come a long way, baby!

karin said...

I love it and it is totally encouraging me to pick up "trying" to knit again! Can't wait to live vicariously through you in NYC!

Mrs. H. said...

Love it!!!!!! :-)

Cathryn said...

ha! I am addicted to the seed stitch and am making my first project with it-a large blankie. The cowl looks great! Is it from a pattern?