Tuesday, December 22, 2009

owls and birthdays and cowls, oh my!

wow, i have way more to update besides this, but i'll be brief, as i'm frying an egg as we speak. (have i ever mentioned i'm the master multitasker?!)

we saw this little guy a couple weeks ago, in our driveway, ON OUR FENCE. we pulled in after dark, and i thought for sure he would fly away. but no, he sat and posed for pictures for about 5 or so minutes before deciding there were no rats to be eaten and took off. but we didn't seem to scare him at all. he kept turning his head sideways, then looking straight at us. incredible!

not long after we saw this little guy, gillian turned EIGHT. i really can't believe she's that old. sometimes she will be telling me something and i'll just zone out and look at her and think, "whose kid are you anyway?" it's very surreal. i guess this happens with the first child especially, but it really does just seem like yesterday since we brought this tiny little girl home, weighing 5 lbs. 5 oz. and now look at her. amazing.

i have to tell you one thing about this picture (besides that it's posed because i missed the actual blowing out of the candles...). my sister always gives the best gifts, and she sent gillian this dress, which gillian promptly put on the minute it came in the mail, along with the glittery headband, bracelets, and purse, and she wouldn't take it off for 2 days except to sleep briefly (although that was a bit of a power struggle for a minute there: "mom, it's so comfortable, can i wear it to bed?"). thank you aunt sara!

and remember this yarn? well, maybe i didn't ever share it with you. but i bought it initially for the extra wide cowl i made to take to NYC (which, incidentally, i never wore because it was way too warm). well, last night i remembered i had started a smallish scarf with it, same moss stitch, and i figured, crap! i better scramble or these few cold days we are having will pass and it will be on to hot again and i won't get to wear it.

so here's the finished product, which i turned into another cowl. and no, i'm not showing or telling how i did it because it looks like dooky but my hair hides it so there. ;)

merry christmas and happy holidays, everyone!



amy said...

Gillian is beautiful in her new dress! And I love the cowl. I want to try that stitch.

Amelia Plum said...

that owl is so darn cute, i can't believe he was willing to sit and pose for pictures. happy birthday gillian! she looks quite pretty in her new dress and i love the red cowl. long live the moss stitch!

elise said...

oh I am so jealous of your owl sighting. owls are so da bomb. in fact just tonight i made an owl shrinky dink tree ornament. is that weird or what? i have yet to see one in the wild. or in the suburbs. happy birthday gillian! 8 is like, way old. she can go warm up the car for you when it gets to be like 60 degrees.

sew nancy said...

wow, having an owl in your yard is amazing.
happy birthday to your girl and the cowl looks nice too.
happy holidays!