Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the locust song

i love this time of day. the time when the sky looks as though there might be a storm, but you aren't sure. everything has a sort of pale green hue, or maybe orange, or both.

the sound of locusts fills my ears. i feel instantly relaxed. taken back to my childhood, when we went camping every year on lake greeson. we would sit outside, listening to that song. it's almost deafening.

in this moment of stillness, of quiet, i feel cleansed. the day is coming to a close, which means i can wake up tomorrow and start fresh.

that high hum in my ear washes over me, almost as if i am being reborn along with the creatures who are singing for me. i am the audience. let me be still and listen.


Amy said...

beautifully said

Pixie said...

I needed that prayer. Thanks.

sew nancy said...

twilight has always been my favorite and in summer especially.

Amelia Plum said...

what you wrote is so peaceful. and the twilight photo is beautiful. i love it when the water starts to glow with the colors of the sky.