Monday, August 30, 2010


i have been thinking for a while about starting an anonymous blog. i really don't have much to hide, as those of you who read this blog already know.

but lately i have been feeling more and more like i can't really be myself. after all, for some reason i chose to put my full name in the blog address and title. so there are times when i find myself holding back.

and recently, i was held accountable for something i said on here that was completely misconstrued. the person didn't bother asking me what i really meant. just assumed. which really stinks, because i am always open to answering questions.

anyway, without trying to let it get to me too much, i started thinking maybe it was the impetus i needed to go ahead and start over someplace else. after all, the first posts i put on here still make me cringe. i won't go back and read them, but they were written out of a very dark place. so it seems fitting that since i've moved on from that person, maybe i should move on to a new spot on the interwebs, too.

i'm going to keep it anonymous so i can write stories that have more detail without incriminating myself (or those around me).

if you want to follow me over there, please send me an email at kristibenn (at) gmail (dot) com and i'll send you the link to the new site.

if you want to keep up with pictures i post of my family, you can friend me on facebook. my user name is kristibenn.

thanks, everyone, for reading.



sew nancy said...

I understand completely. i don't get personal on my blog for many reasons but being that i've told certain people on it makes it even more important to me that I don't share certain things.
Put me on your list for reading the new one

Elise Abrams Miller said...

looking forward to a new chapter and inspired by the freedom you are about to experience! It is so hard trying to write something good and not ruffle the feathers of friends and family! peace out! over.