Monday, October 1, 2007

sling shots

everywhere i go, people stop and stare at me and then start whispering about how cool my sling is, or the bolder ones come up and ask "what is that thing?" (answer: brand name hotslings), for the pregnant moms, "where did you GET that? i want one!" (the answer to the last question is target, $39.99, but there are lots more fabric choices [for a price of course] at
by the way, i've taken to shooting these photos myself while the house is empty and i'm trying to kill time by not working...


amy said...

he is so cute! he looks alot like aedan.

karin said...

I love, love, love that you are blogging more regularly! It's fun to read the little anecdotes of the Bennett family. Ryhs looks so snuggly in his sling, too! I miss you lots, but look forward to catching up between google chats with your blog.