Tuesday, November 13, 2007

election month

our very dear friend, christine, sent us a care package out of the blue last week. in it, she included something for every member of the family (christine, i still owe you a huge thank-you note but am still recovering from our house concert!).

we met christine in houston when we were helping to start ecclesia. she is, among many other things, an amazingly gifted violin player, and i always felt "fancy" knowing her when she would travel to boston to play in an orchestra there.
anyway, she's one of those friends who has worked diligently to keep up with me, and i am so grateful for her friendship. the gift she sent rhys is so great that i had to share photos with you. i'm including one photo of the two of us because the look on rhys's face is hilarious. enjoy!

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laci said...

oh, holy cow! where is christine these days?