Tuesday, November 6, 2007

in preparation

we are hosting friends ryan & holly sharp (and their son, paxton) on saturday night for a house concert. we live in a smaller house than we did the last time we had them play here, so this time we are going to listen to the music out in the backyard.

our back deck is huge, but it doesn't have a covering or roof. so i've been experimenting with sewing sheets together that i bought at various thrift stores around tampa last week. i honestly thought that it would look like crap, but to my complete surprise, when i hung them yesterday to see what they would look like, they look awesome! i just have to redo one set because they aren't the right sizes. check out what it looks like, and i'll post lots more pictures after the party.

1 comment:

amy said...

it looks great! it is no fair that you found such great sheets. let's just say that the sheets i find around here are less than desirable. and i need to finish my rag rug!