Tuesday, November 6, 2007

halloween pics

gillian and aedan got to do a dry run with their costumes the friday before halloween, when they went to gillian's school for a "fall festival." (that word is in quotes because rick & i thought it was rather lame but they absolutely loved it! and also it was very hot, not very fall-like...) so some of these photos are from that night. then the ones of aedan with freckles are from halloween night. both nights they dressed up were very warm, especially halloween. aedan got overheated in his dragon costume (what were we thinking, letting him pick THIS one if we live in florida?!), so he ended up stripping down to his pjs underneath and trick or treating to some of the houses in just his pjs. no one seemed to care...

and we also learned that gillian has very good manners and is rather timid about going door to door when she doesn't know the people. aedan, on the other hand, literally RAN from one house to the other (perhaps contributing to the overheating?), and when a person would try to hand him candy, he would specify "i want the blue one" or "can i have more?" or sometimes, to my horror, just start trying to grab more. the weird thing is that no one seemed to mind this either. it's like this kid can put some hex on people where he silently says "i am going to take this now and you are going to LIKE it!" we are so scared of what the teen years hold for him...hopefully they don't involve dealing drugs.

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