Friday, December 7, 2007

finding myself

for years now, rick has asked me, "what do you like to do when you have spare moments?" this, mind you, is coming from the man who has an interest in everything under the sun. that in itself can be a bit intimidating.

so suffice it to say i have never really been able to answer this question. the only thing i could ever come up with was "shopping." that always produced a lot of eye rolling from my loving spouse. and let's face it, shopping doesn't really fit our current life situation, but more than that, it definitely isn't the healthiest habit to have when our hope as a family is to be LESS materialistic.

so i think maybe i have found two things i can actually call "hobbies," even though i might be a bit premature in doing so. i am really inspired by both of these things, and i feel a sense of accomplishment from both. i guess those are good signs of a hobby, right?

so here's my first thing: knitting. i know, i know--i just started a few days ago. but here's a picture of the progress i've made. (disclaimer: i DO know there's a missing part in the stitches, but i'm just overlooking it. hey, it's my first thing i've ever knitted, so i'm trying not to be hard on myself or i'll give up...!).

on mother's day of this year, rick's mom gave me an orchid. it frustrated me at first, because i had heard how high maintenance they were and didn't really want to add to my plate of things to take care of right now. but then i found out that they actually ENJOY not being watered very much, and they are also made for florida weather. so i followed the simple directions i was given, let the blooms fall off, and cut back the stems. and lo and behold, the thing is blooming again. i can't believe it, but here are the photos to prove it.


amy said...

the knitting is looking good. and great shots of the orchid!

Anonymous said...

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