Wednesday, December 5, 2007

my attempt at craftiness

gillian's 6th birthday is coming up next tuesday, so we are preparing to have a tea party for her the following sunday. she has chosen to invite 5 friends: "two old and three new," she says. this translates into three from her kindergarten class and two from her old preschool whom she hasn't seen in a year.

it's easy to be lazy when there is endless cash flow: you know what i mean; i could go on FOREVER listing the ways. the most a propos to this post, however, would be going somewhere cool and buying special invitations that are handmade or just on really interesting paper, or whatever. but, as these are the times of cash flow with a definite end these days in the bennett household, i was *forced* to be creative with what we already had on hand for gillian's invitations. so here's what i created: i'm pretty proud of myself, even if they are on a third-grade art class level. i have no shame!

in other crafty news, i was inspired by my friend amy, to try to learn how to knit. i bought the yarn and needles about a month ago, but just last night some friends came over to teach, talk, and learn. we mostly ended up talking, and i ended up frustrated, as i usually do when i try to do anything domestic (besides cleaning or cooking). as an example, i took a semester of sewing in 10th grade (yes, really), and one of my projects was a jumper with a gathered skirt. it's ok to laugh; i can't hear you. anyway, when i discovered i had sewn the skirt on sideways, i threw the whole thing out. i just am not a patient person. i want it to go the *right* way the first time or forget it.

which is why i surprised myself by going to a website amy sent me today called "Knitting Help." after a short review I was ready to tackle the whole thing again. i started completely over (i had only gotten 24 stitches casted on last night--not too far before the conversation completely distracted me!). this time, i casted on PLUS i did one entire row of actual knitting. i am extremely proud of myself. this could be the world's tiniest scarf--two whole rows! please keep telling me it gets better. i've heard "it's so soothing once you learn how." right now i mostly feel stressed out. but still proud.

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amy said...

great job on the invites. i am so happy that you stuck with knitting. and let me tell you, it does get better. and i think most knitters would tell you that the first few rows always look terrible, but i promise that is works itself out in just a few more rows. i am so excited about this post! and i so wish we lived closer to each other. i'm sad.