Friday, January 25, 2008

cheaper than therapy

to steal from my husband's blog name, i have been thinking: i tend to be a negative person by nature. i think it's in my genes. i really dislike this part of myself, but hey, at least i have a little self-awareness, right?

so the first things that pop into my head to blog about when i don't have anything fantastic to report are the negatives about my life, of which, according to me, there are many at the moment. but who wants to read a bunch of complaining about how i want my life to be better?

so i am growing to appreciate the act of blogging, because it forces me to think about the positive things in my life to share with the 3 readers i have here. :) take a look.

1. two older kids who can dress themselves and hug while smiling on occasion (and yes, they definitely dressed themselves this day--thank goodness it was a weekend!).

2. a baby who, despite teething, manages to still take decent naps and smile for the camera.

3. despite having lived in florida for almost 4 years, i am still continually surprised at what blooms and when. here are some flowers blooming in our side yard. aren't they pretty?

have a great weekend, everyone--may you find the beauty in your life too!


amy said...

this post made me smile!

Karin Hernandez said...

me, too. Rhys is so cute I just want to eat him up. Ironic that you have these beautiful flowers blooming and we have no green to be found outside!