Friday, January 25, 2008

saying you're sorry

i just sat down to eat breakfast, and when i take 5 minutes for myself to eat in between editing chapters of this (horrid) book i'm currently working on, i am ashamed to admit that i go on to look at the gossip column.

i have never really been into celebrity life at all--in fact, when i was a teenager, i thought anyone who pined over a famous person (in my day, it was guys like ralph macchio--my favorite! ha) was utterly stupid, because they could never be had. guess my realistic attitude was present very early on...

anyway, before i could get to the gossip column, i saw the headline "say you're sorry!" it's about why it might not be the best idea to make your kids apologize to each other. it's only a 2-page story, and i think it's definitely worth reading. you can find it here.

one thing i try to do (which the writer mentions in the story) is to practice apologizing when i have wronged my family members...these days, without sleep and being completely overworked, it seems like i'm contanstly apologizing. i find that my little ones are incredibly forgiving, most of the time saying "mom what are you apologizing for?" however, i, like this writer, hope that by some miracle my kids will grow up to be people who can give sincere apologies to those around them, and for me to model it seems to be the best way to do it.

anyway, read the story yourself; she has some other great ideas, plus a reference to a parenting book (if i only had the time, i would read it!).

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Karin Hernandez said...

Hey - have you tried the "peace circle" yet? I'm so glad you are ahead of me as far as parenting is concerned. I have so much to learn from you!