Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my exciting life

i don't really have much to report right now, but i like the exercise and ritual of posting every day if i can.

the basics are these (again, in honor of that show "pushing daisies," which i don't even like very much except that they make PIES!):

1. i'm working on editing a thousand-plus-page book about virtopsy right now. the word is a combination of "virtual" and "autopsy." i'm very scared of this book...but i'm excited about how much it will pay when it's finally done. wish me luck!

2. rhys just got his first tooth on saturday and seems to be getting his second one right away. if history repeats itself, he will get the first four at the same time (like his big sister did...).

3. rick is moving ahead with his nonprofit idea (still don't want to post the details here yet until things are completely official, but you can email me if you want to know more). i'm trying not to get too excited about it, because we have faced so many disappointments in the past...but if it works out, it should give us the freedom for me to stop working so much. i don't know what i will do with myself...knit more? learn to sew a quilt? grow tomatoes in hanging pots? all things i definitely want to do. i'll keep you posted.

4. when everyone else has been in the middle of a deep freeze, we can always count on florida weather to give us mild temperatures this time of year. this sounds great to those of you who are IN the deep freeze, but honestly, putting up with having to wear shorts year round can get tiring. there are days here when i just turn the A/C down and put on a sweater because i can't take anymore of summer clothes. related to #3, i look forward to living somewhere soon where we can experience 4 seasons (heck, even 3 would be nice!).

5. gillian is eligible to attend a magnet school next year, so we have put in the application (although, again related to #3, we are trying to be open to what the future holds regarding our location). we are excited for her to be in a place where she can be challenged. she is so creative, and i look forward to her being able to tap into some of that part of herself in school (you would think school would be a place for this, but as my friends with kids in public school know, that's usually not the case...).

ok can't stay in my pjs forever today, so gotta get a shower and get cracking on my book. have a great day everyone!

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amy said...

#3 + me + you = atlanta