Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i am far from satisfied with how the scarf for gillian turned out. last night, it was almost comical, because i only left barely enough yarn to cast off, and so sitting in front of my computer, watching the knitting tutorial video over and over, finally figured out how to do it i think. the only thing is that i had to tie a knot after the last one because it didn't seem to "tie itself off." did i do something wrong?

so there are stray threads everywhere--mostly due to my knitting tangle fiasco where i had to break and retie the yarn in 3 places (i did this before amy suggested i try to pretend it's a new skein and knit the stray piece into the scarf).

still learning...but gillian is excited. you can't tell from this picture. she and aedan have been playing in bed at night so she isn't getting enough sleep. she asked me, "mom do i have to smile in the picture?"

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amy said...

it looks great! you did a wonderful job. and yes, you should move on to washcloths. they are simple. i love gillian's look here.