Sunday, January 20, 2008

inspired by pie

i saw the movie "waitress" last night with a friend, and wow, is it great. there is so much to discuss about it, but i don't usually do that sort of thing here on my blog (i leave movie and music discussions up to my husband.

has anyone else already seen this? with 3 kids i'm usually a little behind in my movie viewing. wow, the pies in this movie are beautiful! it makes me want to learn how to make a perfect pie crust and then make a different pie every night for dinner. keri russell makes pie making look effortless in the movie.

i did a search on line to see if i could find some recipes for these pies in the movie, and i found this website:

i love the font and color and everything about this logo, and it also looks like they have great recipes. i did a search for the keyword "waitress" and came up with a few recipes. so if you want to know how to make "i don't want earl's baby pie" or "mermaid marshmallow pie" from the movie, you can find the recipes there.
here's to pie making!


Anonymous said...

I loved that movie too! Jeff even tolerated it :) It didn't make me want to bake pies but it sure did make me want to eat them.

The song that she sang while baking just killed me (in a good way).


amy said...

so glad you got to see this movie. i absolutely loved it! and i want to make the marshmallow pie!

g13 said...

jeff even tolerated...sheyit, if memory serves, i brought that movie home simply because i thought my wife might enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

jeff, by tolerated it I meant that you brought it home & watched it with me as opposed to brought it home and then left the room when I put it on :)