Thursday, January 10, 2008

hopscotch in january

today it was so warm it felt like spring (isn't it always a perpetual state of spring or blazing hot summer here though?). the windows in our house are all sealed shut except for 3, so i had 2 of them open with window fans going to get the musty smell out and the good air in.

lately even the warm days have been muggy, and i've complained. i mean, come ON. it's winter. the kids are still confused about why it's so hot here when it is snowing everywhere else.

but today was one of those perfect weather days. so we took advantage of it on the front porch and sidewalk--that is, until the mosquitoes started swarming. yes, we have mosquitoes year round here, which pretty much ruins any nice weather we are having because they send us running indoors after about 20 minutes of play. just long enough to take these great photos of the kids.

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amy said...

great pics. and i love the new pic of you!