Wednesday, February 13, 2008

time to wake up

i have been sleepless for a while now. it's to be expected: i have 3 kids, one of whom is 6 months and teething like a madman. my oldest two got their first 4 teeth all within a matter of days, and it seems that rhys will be no exception.

because of lack of sleep, i have had a ton of trouble finding any motivation or concentration to sit down to edit this book. it's over a thousand pages, and my deadline is looming, but i just can't seem to get on the ball with it.

instead of working, i'm finding lots of other things to do to fill my time: cleaning my house, doing laundry, and taking these photos in our backyard this morning. anything to keep from working!

i can't take a photo that does justice to this spiderweb; these little guys are all over our backyard, and we are grateful because we are hoping they keep the mosquitoes somewhat at bay (yes, in case you have missed previous posts, we DO have these little pests all year long). this particular web spans about 8 feet altogether.

i have also been fascinated by the clothespins strung across my backyard for the past few days--photographing them, that is; unfortunately i haven't been motivated to hang my laundry out to dry.

yesterday, when gillian got home from school, we all went outside to soak up the sun because we have a 70% chance of rain today with cooler weather on the way (i know, i know--not nearly as cool as most of the people who read this blog!).


Anonymous said...

kristi, your kids are GORGEOUS!
you breed well, sister :)
good to be reading your blog, catching up on life w/ you!

Krystal said...

I remembered what that spider is: spiny orb-weaver. Here's a link with info on it: And I *totally* know the lures of absolutely everything else when there's a deadline!!

amy said...

i love the photos! is this the virtopsy book? i can't imagine why you are not motivated.

kristi said...

yes amy, this is the virtopsy book. it seems to go on forever. krystal, thanks for the link to that spider. i want to know if they really eat the mosquitoes! and j, so glad to be reconnected with you. i've been reading your blog too.

(if anyone knows how to comment back to people--like sending an email--without leaving a blanket comment here on my blog, will you let me know?)

Amelia Plum said...

I love all the photos! The web photos are amazing and I love the way you captured the beads of water on the clothesline. As for Gillian (cute name) she's adorable, I really love the pic of her from the with her foot up and the shadow on the wood - that seems like such a quintessential kid pose!