Monday, March 3, 2008


for the two of you wondering where i went, i'm finally coming up for air to blog a little bit. i finished my editing project last night around 10:30. hooray! actually i don't really feel very celebratory because i already have two other projects lined up on my plate, and so it begins again...don't get me wrong, though: i AM thankful to have a job, and to have one i can do from home while i hang out with the littlest one.

the picture at the top is from my daughter's dollhouse. we gave it to her for her 6th birthday in december, but she hasn't had much time to play with it. she's in kindergarten from 8 til 2:15 every day, and then when she gets home her brother is already here, ready and waiting to pounce and start bugging her incessantly until bedtime. they mostly share a room (i recently moved just aedan's bed to a little nook in our office, and we call it his "sleep cave"--it's so cool in there it makes ME want to go in there and hide!), so there's not much space for her to get away. and she's wired like her father in that respect, where she needs alone time every day or she's grouchy, grouchy, grouchy.

so back to the picture: i am posting it today because this is what my house looks like right now (except i'm not sprawled out in bed--doesn't that look tempting right now?!). this is also how i am feeling inside right now. all jumbled up. worried. stressed. and, on a positive note (since after all i did share publicly that i was going to try to stop thinking negatively!), beside myself with excitement as well--one of my best friends karin is coming to visit from boston tomorrow!

i like to think she's coming (with her 8-month-old in tow) because she misses me so much. and i know she does. BUT--there's obviously a big draw to come to FLORIDA when it's so cold up north! we have big plans to go to the pool, the beach, the pool, and did i mention the beach? i just hope the water isn't too cold. my guess is that for most of you reading this, i'm not getting very much sympathy for me thinking about suffering on the beach in 80-degree weather and not being able to brave the "cold" waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

ok, so back to the picture again: my house feels like more of a mess than it really is. i just cannot let things go. i have friends who are willing to leave the dishes sitting overnight on the counter so they can keep socializing when friends are over for dinner. me--i can't do that. it drives me nuts to have to face the mess the next day, so i feel like i might as well take care of it right then.

so today i will be cleaning, doing laundry, trying to get things ready for karin's visit. i'm feeling quite anxious about her little boy crawling around on our hardwood floors, because if you have them and they are not brand new you know that it is almost impossible to make them spic and span--they always have sort of a thin layer of black dirt that you don't notice until you walk around barefoot all day. (please say that's not just my house!)

as for the jumbled-up feelings on the inside, maybe doing the spring cleaning on the outside will help me feel a little more organized internally. i'll let you know.


asti said...

I actually thought that WAS your house for a split second !! Well done on finishing the 'chopping and hacking' read. Hope you have a lovely time with your friend, relax and enjoy.....and no you're not getting any sympathy over those 'cold' waters or too hot days ! x

amy said...

sometimes i feel like the lady who is having to prop herself up on the stair rail. i am so jealous of the pool/beach combo coming your way. so jealous.

Amelia Plum said...

Have a great visit with your friend. I'm just like you with not being able to let the dishes wait to be cleaned, we don't have a dishwasher and any meal with cheese becomes like concrete on our plates after half an hour. And your hardwood floors are not the only ones like that - my kids socks are constantly dirty running around at friends homes with hardwood floors, the only reason ours don't do that to them is they're in such bad shape they'd be more likely to get splinters. Seriously our wood floors are a disaster.

Liz said...

this is random...but i just realized the image behind your blog header is the same fabric i just bought at Target!
(well, really its a shower curtain but i'm using it to make curtains instead)
i thought that was funny!
(is that where you got it...or somewhere else? i'd really like to have more of it!)
we must have great taste!

Pixie said...

I absolutely loved my doll house when I was little.

Cleaning is the only thing that keeps me from house envy - if I had a bigger house that means I would have more to clean. Until I reason that if I could afford a bigger house then I could definitely afford a maid. We have a guest from church staying with us & he is great at cleaning. I come home from work to all the dishes done, the carpets & floors swept & rooms tidied. I could get accustomed to this!

kristi said...

liz the fabric IS from my shower curtain. when i saw it at target (for $19.99 no less!!) i had to grab it. a girl can never have too many shower curtains right? plus it looks straight out of anthropologie. the only downside for me is that the colors made me want to redecorate my entire house in that light blue, dark brown, and lime green. now if i only had a redecorating budget... :) so glad to reconnect with you!

Pamela Sullins said...

Good morning! Sending your positive, loving thoughts this morning in the midst of it all!

I laughed when I saw the picture in this entry because I was just lamenting about how my house looks like this AND I just had to clean up cat vomit off my dining room table....and I only have 1 child!

I hope you had a wonderful time with your friend and enjoyed some time with sand in your toes!

You are awesome!

Love and light!

Karin Hernandez said...

Your house didn't remotely resemble G's dollhouse and I can't imagine it ever looking anything but clean and cozy (and,I have lived in the same city with you, so I know the truth!) Eric collects many a dust bunny on my floors at home. I just can't keep up with the dust that collects! By the way...I cleaned my house from top to bottom right after I got home! I think you have a good effect on me!