Wednesday, April 2, 2008

early bird gets the...tomato?

i have a feeling a lot of my posts these days are going to have something to do with my garden. ever since i planted everything on sunday i cannot stop going out to check on it. we have had so much rain, too, which makes the little plants stand up straight and tall, as if i can physically see them reaching toward the sky.

my mom teased me on the phone the other day when i told her that i bought one tomato plant that was already a few feet tall. i just couldn't resist--it even had blooms on it. well, yesterday when i went to check on my new "babies," i noticed the blooms seemed wilted and closed up tightly, as if they were dying. i gave myself a pep talk: "it's okay, more blooms will come. probably just the shock of being replanted."

we had a thunderstorm last night that brought even MORE rain, and look what i saw this morning:

can you see the yellow buds? and i love how there were raindrops still on the leaves. i didn't try to capture this on purpose, but i love that they are visible in this photo.

in other news, ever since our youngest, rhys, started smiling, i have been trying to capture it on camera. and it never fails--when i pull out the camera, he gets this serious look on his face or else these days tries to grab the thing from me.

yesterday i took probably 20 photos of him, hoping against all hopes that i would finally be able to document that amazing smile and post it here, but i finally figured out what makes him frown: the flash. now he has trained himself to actually squeeze his eyes shut the moment i hit the button to take the picture. poor guy!

but i did capture this funny photo of him. those of you who know my family personally will know that he is already fitting right in:

my husband likes to read several books at once, and gillian copied him from a very early age: she would take a load of books, spread them on the floor, and try to look at them all at once. even now, at age 6, she is the same way: she can read now, and she takes a pile of no less than 5 or 6 books to bed every night. aedan likes to throw books and build castles and caves out of them, but he still loves books nonetheless. and even though i have not had time to read something i actually wanted to read in ages, when i was a little girl i read everywhere i went; my mom would give me a hard time when we traveled places because my nose was always stuck inside a nancy drew novel.

so already at age 7 months (i can't believe he's already 7 months!) rhys is getting practice with books.

have a great day everyone!


krystal said...

Your tomato looks great!! I know what you mean - I end up spending hours just going around and looking at what has popped up new or has new buds. It is the most delicious feeling in the world. I haven't noticed any rain though - I am jealous!! Mine is definitely showing signs of needing some!!

Pixie said...

Wow, baby & tomatoes both so big!

Amelia Plum said...

a budding bibliophile at 7months, that's always a good sign.