Thursday, April 3, 2008

little sprouts

i just planted my garden 5 days ago, and already i see little sprouts growing! i am so thrilled; i have been watching and waiting. this reminds me: does anyone know the frog and toad books? there is one story about how one of them plants a garden and waits and watches, plays the violin for the seeds, sings to them, and eventually wears himself out and falls asleep...when he wakes up the seeds have sprouted!

so while i was sleeping last night i guess these little guys finally pushed through the dirt. i have been worried about them because we have gotten so much rain lately. i *think* these are the cucumbers, but the writing on my tongue depressor signs (which, incidentally, the kids wrote with washable marker...what were we thinking?!) has all disappeared. actually the writing disappeared the first day when we watered. oh well. anyway, as they grow more i'll be able to tell for sure.

and here is another picture, this one of sunflower sprouts!

i don't know if you can see in the picture, but so many of the sprouts actually have the sunflower seed still on top of the plant. i hope they will make it. i'll keep you posted!


Pixie said...

Those do indeed look like cucumbers! Are the kids excited to see their work come to life? Now I can't wait to get home & run upstairs to check my own seeds.

cookie said...

how exiting!
i love watching things grow.
i split a few plants in my garden,and replanted. i have been watering everyday,and been watching them go brown(looks like they are dying) but i know(hope) that the that i will see a green shoot soon. love the antisipation.
and thanx for visiting my blog!

amy said...

congratulations on your sprouts!

asti said...

It's going to be fun guessing what they all are ! Looking good :)