Friday, April 4, 2008

birthday boy

how does time go so fast? i remember being a little girl and hearing "old" people (they were probably younger than i am now!) saying, "my how time flies." or they used to say, "you have grown so much since the last time i saw you!" i would roll my eyes and think, "grown-ups are so boring and ridiculous. time does NOT fly. i can't WAIT till i can drive!"

but now that i am older, time really does move so quickly, especially with little ones running around the house. it really does feel like yesterday when we first found out we were having aedan (big whoopsie surprise!), then brought him home from the hospital, then marveled at what a good sleeper and eater he was (of course that has changed now that he is older...). i think about how we moved from boston to tampa and celebrated his 1st birthday on the road at a cracker barrel. how he spent more than 2 years of his little life sick from ear and sinus infections and sick from all the antibiotics the doctors were pumping into his little system. how that was such a scary time for me, not knowing how to help my child. how he loves music and jumping and spinning and cars and dinosaurs and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up (if there's still a space program, i guess).

we have a joke at our house about how aedan is so smart that he will either make a fabulously intelligent crime leader or an amazing politician. he has an uncanny ability to intuit what others need emotionally and to give it, whether it's a kind word or a hug. of course, he IS just five, so he often will withhold this if he senses his sister needing something. that is the way of siblings who are only 16 months apart, i guess.

most days, this little boy drives his father and mother absolutely crazy, but in the midst of the craziness we love how unique he is and we are thankful for the privilege of watching him grow.

ok, enough reminiscing. so today i took a cake to aedan's preschool for snack time. it was controlled chaos. actually the kids were surprisingly good. and so complimentary. they kept asking, "did you really make that cake?"

we were supposed to wear hats and sing happy birthday, but everyone was so focused on getting their chocolate fix that we did neither. oh well. his birthday isn't till monday, so we still have time to do candles and hats!

here's a picture of one of his future wife options from preschool:

look how she's holding onto him! she looks just like a miniature version of her mom, who is gorgeous. all joking aside, though, this seems to be aedan's favorite friend, so i was glad they got to sit together for his birthday celebration.

and here's a picture of aedan with his teacher:

this woman is great--she taught gillian for 2 years and now has aedan. she has heaps and heaps of patience to be able to do this job every day, and we owe her big time for putting up with our little ones for the past 3 years (she also taught gillian for 2 years before teaching aedan this year).

more birthday posting on sunday, when we'll have family and friends over to celebrate. then spring break is next week, so we are making plans to go somewhere special with him, and i'll write about that as well.

happy weekend everyone!

p.s. i can't keep posting pictures of my garden sprouts, but guess what?! now my winter squash has sprouted too! hooray!


asti said...

What a beautiful smile :) Happy birthday, your cake looks wonderful !

Penny said...

Great job with the cake Kristi! You are so right! Aedan and his future bride look awesome together! So cute!

J said...

wow, ms. bennett, did you really make that cake? :)

j said...

happy birthday aedan!
and kristi, i've said it before, but you have such _beautiful_ kids! what amazing blue eyes he has...
hope you have a good day monday, too.

karin said...

Happy Birthday Aedan! I remember when you were born...I was staying with your sister. I LOVE your pirate cake...wish I could have had a piece of the chocolate goodness!

Amelia Plum said...

your son is so adorable, you can see what a kind soul he is in his eyes and smile. and what a great pirate cake! it's nice to read your post reflecting on all that's occurred so quickly - that would be incredibly stressful to have a baby sick for so long with ear and sinus troubles. I hope that he's better with both now. oh, and fyi there's a space camp in alabama - my son saw it on ruff ruffman (reality show on pbs) and he's now obsessed with going there, will probably have to wait until he's 11 or 12 but it looks pretty incredible. happy birthday aedan!

amy said...

happy birthday aedan! and wow that cake is great. i hope you are having a great week. i am sad you are not in atlanta with me.