Wednesday, April 9, 2008

more birthday celebration

i haven't posted lately, and i can say it's because we spent all weekend celebrating aedan's birthday, which actually was on monday. or because it's spring break for the kids, so i am spending less time at the computer. but the real reason is that i haven't felt like i really have much positive to report.

now before i go any further, i must say that i can show you lots of pictures (and i will) that seem to say the opposite. but the truth is that what is going on inside me isn't that positive so it has not really motivated me to write.

but here i am, mostly because i keep clicking on google reader and seeing how everyone else is posting, and it is making me feel like i'm getting behind. :)

so here are a few photos of aedan's birthday celebration on sunday night--we celebrated with our small group (minus a couple of people who couldn't be there):

notice how in the photo above it looks like aedan is wearing a headband...but he's really using a pirate eye patch to keep his hair out of his eyes.
i have this one titled as "3D Stevie Wonder" in the computer file.
i wish i looked this cute in a party hat and footie pajamas. :)

happy 5th birthday aedan!


Pixie said...

I love the picture of Aedan with his hand over his mouth in complete wonderment!

Amelia Plum said...

awesome twisty candles on that cupcake. rhys is so adorable, he looks like a little gerber baby.