Tuesday, May 6, 2008

addendum--mother's day guilt

my husband reminded me (i had forgotten, thanks to "momnesia") that i have read a fantastic book about shedding the pressures and guilt we mothers who have grown up in a christian environment have had heaped upon us especially by the church. it's called the myth of a perfect mother: rethinking the spirituality of women, by carla barnhill. rick came home with it one time after attending one of those ultra-cool emergent gatherings that i've never had the privilege of experiencing with him...

anyway, it looks like on amazon that it's not currently being sold new, but if you have any church baggage at all and are a mother (or plan on becoming one anytime in your life) it might be worth getting a used copy to read. i remember it being very uplifting...obviously i need to go back and reread it!

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karin said...

I have this book because you recommended it to me after Eric was born. I started reading it, but put it down when I kept re-reading the first chapter in my new-to-motherhood haze. Thanks for the reminder to pick it up again. Are you reading it?