Thursday, May 8, 2008

mom jeans

if you are a mom and have ever felt uncool, you have to watch this video. i wonder what is worse: mom jeans, or the ones that show your crack every time you bend over to pick up your kid? :)

Mom Jeans commercial - kewego
Mom Jeans commercial - kewego

Mom Jeans commercial - kewego
For moms who are not the greatest in shape, this is a commercial showing some different style of jeans that fit them.
Video from idog


Amelia Plum said...

that clip is hysterical! I have to say, in my opinion, the jeans that show the butt crack are worse. Especially when mom is wearing a racy thong, it's makes me think of the girls in the film 'Thirteen' except it's waay more desperate. I tend to go for the baggy jean look because I feel more comfortable in clothes that are bit roomy. But being on a budget and shopping at Old Navy, even their classic rise jeans are low rise - I just try to buy longer tops that cover the butt crack when I bend over.

amy said...

this is one of the greatest saturday night live bits ever. showing your crease (as we call it around here) is pretty bad, but at least you can pull your shirt low. you can't escape the jeans that make your rear end look like it is over a foot long. :)