Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lovely mother's day

i guess i should have switched the order of the last post and this one, since it might have been more fun to read an uplifting post before that downer from yesterday!

i had a great mother's day. my lovely husband made stuffed french toast for breakfast, complete with fresh fruit and bacon (yum!) and then turned around and made a huge lunch, for which his parents came over to share in the goodness. on the menu was shrimp & grits with homemade chocolate bundt cake for dessert. again, YUM! it was a very relaxing day. i did some cleaning to get ready for rick's parents (read: mom), but it didn't take long and it made our bathroom actually smell presentable. (incidentally, this is a good time to share an amazing Method bathroom cleaner i got at target on an impulse buy and i am completely addicted: it's called Method "Le Scrub" in a pale blue bottle, and it's scented eucalyptus mint. it's like softscrub, only environmentally friendly, and i could eat the stuff it smells so great!)

ok, back to mother's day. after lunch, rick's mom and i ran over to University of South Florida's botanical gardens, where they were having their annual orchid sale. we got there 30 minutes before the end, so we each got an orchid, and then i got one more called a dendrobium. it has very unique-looking roots and small, beautiful pale green flowers. here are a couple more close-up shots besides the one at the top of the post:

the day before, on saturday, we ate breakfast outside on the patio at a local cuban restaurant where eggs, ham, and toast is $4:

we spent lots of time outside that morning at the market in st. petersburg. it was one of the last ones before shutting down for the summer, which is why we endured the 90-degree to check out all the vendors. here are gillian & aedan running around in the shade trying to cool off a little:

and the kids did some sidewalk painting with some paint we found at big lots for 50 cents each (gotta love that store!):

and i got a present, but it's in the mail. so i'm waiting to blog about it until it arrives. i am SO excited!

all in all, it was a lovely weekend before heading back into the workweek fray. hope your mother's day was just as grand!


Amelia Plum said...

those orchids are amazing! I love the green one and the purple/pink one. I'm very envious of the cuban outdoor restaurant with the $4 meal and that it was 90 degrees. I was tempted to turn on the heat a couple days ago it's been so cold here recently

Penny said...

What a lovely weekend! You in 90 degree weather and me in the snow! um, I choose you!