Wednesday, May 14, 2008

haunting and beautiful

you have to, have to listen to this artist named william fitzsimmons.

i have been hearing his beautiful sounds drift out of the office and into the dining room where i sit working most days lately. my husband has been listening to him (he finds all the really good, obscure music out there...), so today i finally streamed the music for myself. i just have it minimized on his myspace so i can listen while i work.

it is some of the most beautiful, most haunting music i have ever heard. his voice, the sounds, and the lyrics--i almost bawled when i read them. you have to, have to click on "lyrics" next to the song on the right-hand side of the page. simple, yet so deep. i love this about music. the way it can speak to me, make me feel things i am not aware are inside me, expose me to beauty.

thanks, william fitzsimmons!

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asti said...

I'm going to check him out tomorrow! Sounds like what I need :)