Thursday, May 15, 2008

makes me smile

this face makes me smile. my cheeks hurt smiling so much looking at this toothy grin. don't you just love the drool all over the front of his pjs? he has 2 big top teeth that don't show, and he's working on a 3rd top tooth. being a great sport about it all though. we are finally all sleeping at night. getting up at 6:30 isn't really suiting me well, but at least i'm not having to do nighttime feedings. hooray!

know what else makes me smile? good music. i know i said yesterday that usually it's my husband who recommends the music in our household (and for those of you who know him personally, you know all too well how true this is!)...but it occurred to me after i posted about fitzsimmons that maybe i should recommend what is keeping me happy and plugging along these days.

so here are two of my favorites:

(1) bon iver: he is like a more upbeat (although still very mellow) version of the guy i talked about yesterday. all acoustic, very raw, but happy in the midst of sadness. you can find him on if you are a member.

(2) shout out louds: these guys are from sweden and they are SO FUN. the first song that will play if you click on that link is called "impossible," and it's just happy. (the lyrics might be sad or depressing, i have no idea, but the music makes me want to dance!)

our family favorite song right now to listen to in the car is by this band. our kids call it "the cowbell song," which is funny since it reminds us of the saturday night live skit. it's not on their newest album (which isn't released in the U.S. until September but people overseas can get it sooner...lucky!). anyway, the song is really called "tonight i have to leave it" and it's the second song that will come up on their myspace page.

have fun listening!


Pixie said...

Congrats on finally capturing that smiling face! I agree beautiful smiling babies make the world a happier place.

amy said...

he is so cute! and thanks for the links.

Amelia Plum said...

that is an adorable picture, he looks like one very happy and beautiful baby, which makes all the sleep deprivation worth it in the end. have to check out those two music recommendations, that snl skit is priceless - I love christopher walken when he's on.